The Dog Days of Ranching

By Arden Foster on May 2nd, 2018

Besides the mountains and the horses, I think the most well documented pieces of this Colorado dude ranch are quite possibly HubCap and LugNut, the beloved ranch dogs.

You could search across dude ranches from Montana to New Mexico, California to Georgia, and still not find a couple of dude ranch dogs happier than these two. Both are rescues from our local shelter, and both are black lab mixes. I took a little time this winter to do an interview with each of them, so that you can come to know and love them as much as we do!


Name: HubCap

Nicknames: Chubby Hubby (of course said endearingly!), Hubbles, Hubby

Age: 9 (we think 😊)

Favorite Pastime: “Hard to say… either going on half-day and all-day rides, chasing prairie dogs and deer (both of which are always seem too fast), or napping on the lawn with Cowpokes (6-11 year old group) around to give me belly rubs!”

Favorite Person: JANE!!!

Biggest Fear: Missing a meal


Name: LugNut

Nicknames: Luggy, Luggs, Luggles

Age: 6

Favorite Pastime: “Being anywhere there is a staff member or guest to get a belly rub from. If you don’t see me, I will just lie down in front of you where you can’t miss me! I also enjoy swimming through the river - no matter the time of year!!”

Favorite Person: JANE!!!

Biggest Fear: Not getting my belly rubbed, and thunder, definitely thunder!


We wranglers always take pride in having them on rides. As we cross the bridge, and head out on our rides with guests, it is common to hear us calling the dogs, trying to convince them to come on our rides. We can never predict who they will choose! The only time you have no hope is when Jane takes a ride - they’ll pick her every time!!

These photos were taken by Jim Chiboucas, long time friend and guest of Rainbow Trout Ranch.

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