Take a Leisurely Stroll Down Memory Lane

Imagine the astonishment and disbelief of beloved Wild West heroes, pioneers and even villains, upon reaching the rugged and craggy banks of the fabled Rio Grande. Stepping down from weary horses, shaking out fatigued legs and stretching aching backs, it’s a mighty good bet most shuddered in wonder at the enormity of the river in front of them. Who could blame those that decided to set up camp right there on the spot and consider themselves home?

And yet, fortune favors the bold. Many an intrepid adventurer would be halted at these magnificent banks only to ponder the somewhat limited options before them. With a daring and devilish twinkle in their eye, they would ultimately organize their makeshift rafts, don their rudimentary lifejackets and set launch to their destinies. A murmured prayer to the heavens, a push off the shore and a whoop of delight would soon see them careening down the grand old river, invigorated with the possibilities of fortune and fame or simply the promise of a better life.

Whitewater raftingWhitewater rafting

Now, you too can live the thrill and adventure of a bygone era. We’ve toned down the danger and unpredictability some however, so need to be standing at the shoreline a shakin’ in your boots. Our trips allow you to leisurely wile away the day under a lazy hot sun on the meandering curves of the magnificent Rio Grande, or if it rather suits your fancy, you can step it up a grade or two and live a little more expeditiously, shall we say. It’s a wonderful way to step back in time and discover what our forefathers saw centuries ago as they made their way west. You’ll enjoy natural beauty, flora and fauna that has remained unchanged for millennia.

There’s nothing quite like the fresh spray of fabled waters to bring your soul to life! Our whitewater rafting is another opportunity to bring your family together in a unique experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Whitewater rafting

A Must Do On Every Family’s Bucket List

Our whitewater rafting trips are the perfect adventure for your whole family. Each week at Rainbow Trout Ranch we offer a day outing on the legendary Rio Grande River south of Taos. You’ll enjoy our beautiful Southwest scenery from a unique perspective, and experience the timeless appeal of water adventure. Your safety is assured, thanks to our professional guides and their outstanding training and certification.

Whitewater Rafting Gallery

Our guide will deliver you to Taos, which has a lively cultural scene and great architecture to explore. It’s also home to the UNESCO site Taos Pueblo, featuring Native American adobe dwellings. Get a taste for local life with a walk around town, or even some shopping or lunch.

Time and again, children tell us that whitewater rafting was one of the highlights of their vacation. There’s something about travelling down the river that captures the imagination of kids. It brings their history books to life, it offers exhilarating engagement with nature, and it tests their mettle. If you want to light the fire of your child’s spirit, set aside some time for this otherworldly family adventure.

The first river you paddle runs through the rest of your life. It bubbles up in pools and eddies to remind you who you are.

~ Lynn Noel

This was our first experience at a dude ranch and was an exceptional one. Every aspect of our week here was truly awesome. Thank you all so much for your warm hospitality. We will surely be back!

The Fields Family
Southlake, Texas

Come Live the Thrill of the Wild West with Us

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