RTR Team Roping

David and Jane and some of the RTR wranglers rope about three evenings a week at the ranch, and also at the ranch rodeo on Saturdays. Since our arena is quite small by roping standards, we focus on practice, concentrating on our horses, horsemanship and technique. While guests do not actually participate in roping because of the danger involved, they are welcome to watch, help run the chutes or bring cattle back up the return alley. Kids really enjoy helping out with the roping cattle and we are happy to teach roping on the ground, with what is called a roping dummy. This is how everyone starts and if they are serious about it, we can help them with how to get one so they can practice at home. We can also teach them how to rope the HotHeels™ that is pulled by a four wheeler, on horseback which is the closest simulation to roping a live steer.

Team Roping

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