“Linda Clean”

By Arden Foster on December 5th, 2018

Here at Rainbow Trout Ranch, we have good fun joking that nothing is truly clean until it is “Linda Clean.”   Joking aside, we do take our cleaning of the cabins and the lodge very seriously, and ranch owner Linda has set the standard high for all of us. We are all trained to clean from top to bottom, back to front, and very thoroughly.  And now no other standard of cleanliness can possibly match up to Linda’s.

A few of our staff members were opening a cabin and they thought that a time lapse would be the only way to share with everyone the process that we go through in each cabin at the beginning of the season.  First year housekeeping and waitstaff members Chloe, Meghan and Callie spent over an hour cleaning this one twin room, but with the time lapse it condenses it to about 30 seconds. We hope you enjoy it!

And as you will see, Linda Clean is Truly Clean!

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