RTR - Coronavirus Information

Please note that we will put any new updates in red text, and when we update again, we will change the previous updates back to normal text and put the new updates in red.  This way, if you’ve read all the information previously and just want to see what is new or changed, you can just look for the red!

We are excited to welcome you to the ranch this 2022 season, Covid-19 notwithstanding. While we are continually learning about the pandemic, we have had nearly thirty years to learn how to offer great western vacations to families, couples, solo guests, groups and friends, and we plan to keep on doing that, whilst doing the best we can to keep you safe in every way possible.

Things may look a little different, but the reasons that bring you to a dude ranch vacation, whether for the first time or all those years ago when you started coming to us, haven’t changed. We will still have spectacular scenery, wonderful riding, excellent fishing, fun kids’ and teen programs, hiking, and that old-fashioned brand of western hospitality that keeps you coming back. And that includes our always-wonderful staff. This summer will be a great mix of seasoned return and fresh new staff and we are looking forward to a great time.

While we can't guarantee that the risk of exposure to or contraction of coronavirus can be eliminated while you are here, we can tell you the changes we made last season, and we plan on implementing again this year, in order to operate under best practices to severely lessen that risk. Indeed we had a good, safe 2021 and we look to repeat that success in 2022. And that will depend upon you, our guests, and all of us here. Together we can make choices that keep all of us safe.

We are taking the coronavirus risk seriously, but we do understand that now more than ever, people need to get out and have fun. And we love that you've chosen to do it with us, the western way!

We are going to help you do that as safely as we can, although you need to be completely comfortable ahead of time about coming to the ranch. If you are uncertain in any way, we will be happy to refund your deposit or defer your reservation to 2022.

We are all very aware of the situation and let’s all, guests and staff, work together to ensure that we take good care of ourselves, and of one another. We all really become a family here at Rainbow Trout Ranch, and we will look out for one another before and during your week or stay with us.

A big RTR thank you to all of you who came to us last year, and/or who held over their reservations to this year. We appreciate our guests so much. We are so looking forward to meeting all of you, and to welcoming back our fabulous return guests. See you soon, and Travel Safely!

Keep well everyone, you and yours, and Happy Trails, always ~~
The Van Berkum Family and our Wonderful Staff.


Regarding Medical Facilities:

We are in a remote part of Colorado. Please note that the nearest medical clinic is in Antonito (30 minutes), and the nearest hospital is in La Jara (45 minutes) and that it is a small rural hospital. The San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center is the area’s largest hospital, although not big by most standards, and is located in Alamosa (1 hour).

Although both hospitals have taken good care of our few needs over the years, they are not large facilities. We have been in contact with them regarding Covid-19 and they are limited in their capabilities, most often airlifting to Pueblo, CO. Please don’t hesitate to contact them for your own research ahead of time:

SLV Regional Medical Center – hospital (1 hour from the ranch)

Conejos County Hospital (45 minutes from the ranch)

SLV Health Clinic, La Jara (50 minutes from the ranch)

SLV Health Clinic, Antonito (30 minutes from the ranch)

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