Staff Gratuities

Guests often ask us what they should do about the staff gratuity. We do not include any gratuity in your final bill as we think it should be entirely up to you. (Families of ten or more, we do include a 17% gratuity). Many guests ask what is customary. Some ranches add 17% to 20% to your bill and the average gratuity here does run in that range. But it is certainly up to you.

Gratuities are collected at the end of the week along with the final bill and may also be included in the final payment for your convenience. Any gratuities that guests put in the pool are distributed amongst all of the staff assuming they complete their contracts. We think this is a very fair way to handle it. While you may have staff favorites, there are many in the background who work just as hard. And we truly believe that we are a staff-team of equals. Thus, it is best to put gratuities in the pool. Above all, we want you to know that any gratuity, regardless of size, is sincerely appreciated.

Thank you!


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